About our foundation

William Azemhe Azena Turning Point Foundation is a none Governmental Foundation that is brought together by people of selfless services for a better community.wheres the gold free pokies
WAATPF numerous and selfless service is compressed into four arms which are Education charity, Health cha ity, Societal development charity, and Human capacity development charity. receptfriaapoteket

Our Objectives


Under this arm, WAATPF opens educational scholarship to the less privileged once, the orphans and those having academicals challenges in the society. These educational scholarships cut across both formal and informal education both for children, youth, men and women in the society.


Only an hand few of a person can bodily say I go for regular medical checkup in the urban area, while majority of person in the rural area don’t even know their way to medical centres, neither can they afford it WAAPTFP under the health charity is centered upon rendering of free health materials to people in the urban and rural area, free medical checkup, free medical and diet counsel to people in the society


Knowing fully that Rome was not built in a day, WAATFP wouldn’t live the development of the societal social amenities in the hand of the development alone, and there WAATFP under the societal development contribute her own quota ﴾like restoring light to communities both in the urban and rural area. Bore hole project in the urban and rural areas, developing of both dilapidated and unacecable roads etc﴿ to the society.


This arm carries the loudest project as WAATFP has contributed to human capacity building through various means like, teaching on crime watch, Renunciation services, programs like “what is my benefit”, provision of skills acquisition program for both teenagers, youth men and women. Empowerment of traders, artisans and entrepreneurs etc.

Board of Trustee

Dr. Azemhe Azena


Pst. Mrs. Precious Azemhe Azena

Vice President

Mr. Irowa Adolf


Deacon Henry Irene

Head of Programs

Pst. Joshua Azena